Celebrating our Faith 2021-2022

Celebrating Harvest

The whole school went to Mass to celebrate Harvest. We all brought food in to give to those in our community who are in need. 

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All Saints Day

All Saints Day.JPG All Saints Day 2.JPG

Rememberance Day

We refelected as a whole school during Prayer and Liturdy

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Celebrating Advent 

We all made advent promises and participated in Virtual Retreats helped to get our hearts ready to celebrate Christmas 

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Celebrating Christmas

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Nativity 3.jpgNativity.jpg

Usually we organise a 'Travelling Nativity' to move from family to family, however this year we are unable to facilitate this. Please use the link below which is an adapted journey of the Nativity, which families can use as both a reflection and a lovely activity to do throughout Advent.

The Christmas Crib


The Feast of the Epiphany 

Feast of the Epihany.JPG


Helping others

Raising money with CAFOD


Rasing money for Children in Need

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Mini-vinnies sponsored walk

Sponsored walk.JPG

Our School Council organised a collection of essential items to help families on the move because of unrest. They are keen to make a difference.Thank you to everyone who supported this project 


We dressed as Super Heroes to raise money for Red Nose Day

Super Heroes 1.jpgSH 2.jpgsh 3.jpg

Multi-faith week


Year 5 and 6 went to Liverpool to visit different places of worship

Asia MF.jpg

Key Stage 1 learned about other Christian faiths. They visited Catholic churches and Cathedrals to see what was the same about the faiths and what was different


After each class learned about a different faith and then we came together into the hall to share our learning with each other.


Celebrating Lent and Easter


We created our own stations of the cross and each class went into the hall and made their way around the stations to reflect on Jesus' journey on Good Friday 

Easter 2.JPG


Please use the resources below to help reflect on Holy Week and Easter



We also celebrated with our families with games of Easter Bingo 


Every class walked our school trail to raise money for CAFOD's Lent Appeal


The Feast of the Ascension 

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Celebrating 50 years of St Clare's!

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