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Following in the footsteps of Jesus; excellence in a nurturing and exciting environment

Welcome to St Catholic Primary School

At St Clare's Catholic Primary School your child is nurtured to ensure they achieve their best and given many opportunities to grow in confidence. Our school is a creative and innovative place to learn, committed to achieving excellence and to providing a rich and exciting curriculum to challenge all learners. We are a welcoming and friendly school, where there is always a lot happening. In our inclusive, happy and caring school we have high expectations for all our pupils. All members of the school community continuously work hard to maintain and improve standards. We value our good partnerships between your home and our school. Guided by the Gospel values we provide a caring environment for all our children, enabling all to grow in faith together.

This website aims to share with you a taste of our school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils.

If you have any questions about our school, or would like to visit the school please feel free to contact us. We always welcome visits from prospective parents, so that we can share our wonderful school with you. 

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Mrs Lucy Ward



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St Clare's Catholic
Primary School
Hawthorn Road, Chester

Opening Times: 8.50am - 3.30pm
Monday to Friday
33 hours and 20 minutes a week